Latimore Platz

Latimore PlatzLatimore has the voice and swagger of a young Tobey McGuire. Rapping has never been an option. So he spent a few years traveling the far east, honing his abilities on the MPC.

His first producer-tape, ‘Hues of Being‘, found its way into the right hands locally. He participated in a few producer showcases that led to a few producer credits, including Zerostar’s EP ‘Are We There Yet?‘. His follow-up project, a multi-part producer tape themed on the works of Motown legend Smokey Robinson, caught the attention of Weightless founder Blueprint and is set to be released free online this summer.

Platz doesn’t pretend to be your mom’s favorite super-producer. He’s just a weird dude that knows his way around the BPMs. Platz’s full length debut, ‘Animal Stamina‘, will be available on Weightless late 2010.

Download ‘Smokey Part 1’ HERE.

“3-Way”, the first official leak from ‘Smokey : Part 1’

Smokey – Part 1 official teaser

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