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    312: Fitness Challenge Results Show

    The long-awaited results show for Blueprint and Illogic’s latest fitness challenge. Did they reach their goals? Tune in and find out.  Hit the link to watch/listen to episode 312 of the Super Duty Tough Work podcast, “The Fitness Results Show” out now:

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    Episode 311: The Industry Strikes Back Against AI

    For the last six months we’ve been bombarded with stories about the positive impact AI can have on our lives, with very little conversations about the downsides of it.  Things have changed a bit over the last few weeks as stories started to surface about the music and film industry’s fight against the rapid adoption of AI.  This week, Blueprint and Illogic break down three stories about different segments of the entertainment industry whose fight…

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    Blueprint’s “Two-Headed Monster” Now Available on Limited Edition Cassette

    May 22nd, 2023 will mark five years since Blueprint’s last solo album, Two-Headed Monster.  To celebrate this five-year anniversary we have decided to do something special and release a limited-edition cassette tape of the album that features guest appearances from Slug, Aceyalone, Wordsworth, Supastition, Mr. Lif, and Has Lo. The Two-Headed Monster cassette tapes are now preordering on our store and will ship out on Tuesday May 22nd.  There are only 100 copies of this…

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    Episode 310: The Money Health Paradox

    On your journey to be the best version of yourself, there comes a time when it seems like the more money you make, the less healthy you are.  This is what we like to call The Money Health Paradox.  In this week’s episode, Blueprint and Illogic break down why it’s so hard to have money and be healthy at the exact same time.  Hit the link to watch/listen to episode 310 of Super Duty Tough…

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    Episode 309: Unpopular Producer Opinions

    As artists who have been releasing music for over 20 years, Blueprint and Illogic are used to going against the grain.  In this episode, they take going against the grain further than ever by listing their most unpopular opinions about music production.   If you’ve ever made beats, there is a lot to laugh at and get pissed off about in this episode.  Hit the link to watch/listen to Super Duty Tough Work episode 309, Unpopular…

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    Episode 308: Remaining A Fan As You Get Older

    A recently published study has determined that it’s incredibly difficult for people to learn about new music as they get older, a grim diagnosis for music lovers. In this episode of Super Duty Tough Work, Blueprint and Illogic break down the results of the study and what you can do to ensure you remain as passionate about music in your later years as you were when you were younger.  Hit the link to watch/listen to…

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    Episode 307: The End of Sampling

    An article recently surfaced that spoke about the impact that the emerging Artificial Intelligence tools are having on sampling, revealing how Google’s AI engine has been used to correctly identify sample sources.  And while this may not have an immediate impact on sampling producers, there may be a time when getting away with uncleared sampling becomes much more difficult. In this episode, we break down the article and give suggestions on how to approach sampling…

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    Episode 306: The Genius of De La Soul

    With the recent passing of Dave (aka Trugoy) and the streaming release of De La Soul’s catalog to streaming services, the group’s name has been abuzz for the several weeks. Since music fans are finally able to listen to their catalog again, we thought it would be a great time to discuss what makes De La Soul so great. In this episode, Blueprint and Illogic breakdown the traits that made De La Soul a generational…

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    Episode 305: The Best Jobs For Artists

    As more and more artists contemplate becoming full-time artists, they realize that it may difficult to pursue their craft fully and have a real professional career. However, there are many jobs that lend themselves to artists who are trying to make decent money but not have their jobs run their lives. In this episode, Blueprint and Illogic discuss ten jobs they think are ideal for people who are trying to pursue their artistic dreams.  Hit…

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    Episode 304: The Health Is Wealth 90-Day Challenge

    After the first health is wealth challenge in 2021, Blueprint and Illogic both got into great shape. Unfortunately, both of them fell off in 2022 and gained most of that weight back. In this episode, they explain why they are fed up with being out of shape and start a brand new 90-Day Health is Wealth Challenge for themselves and invite their listeners to participate as well.  Hit the link to watch/listen to Super Duty…

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    Episode 303: Why Albums Don’t Get Finished

    One of the most rewarding feelings an artist can having is the moment when they finish making an album.  Unfortunately, there are a lot more unfinished albums than finished.  In this episode, Blueprint and Illogic break down ten reasons artists have a hard time finishing their albums.   Hit the link to watch/listen to Super Duty Tough Work episode 303: Why Albums Don’t Get Finished out now:

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    Episode 302: The Real Truth About Ambition

    Although we push our listeners to be as ambitious as possible, we understand that there are downsides to always going above and beyond. In this episode, Blueprint and Illogic break down eight real reasons why some people choose to not be ambitious.  Hit the link to listen/watch Super Duty Tough Work episode 302, The Real Truth About Ambition:

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    Episode 301: Writing and Publishing Your First Book with Ron “Buster” Cunningham

    This week on the Super Duty Tough Work podcast, Blueprint sits down with his former Greenhouse Effect partner in rhyme, Ron “Buster” Cunningham, AKA Mr. Inkwel about his new book “Unwrapped Gifts” and what it took to write and publish it. If you’ve ever considered writing a book, this episode is for you.  Hit the link to watch/listen to episode 300, “Writing and Publishing Your First Book with Ron ‘Buster’ Cunningham”:

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    Episode 299: Inspiration Versus Discipline

    In last week’s episode with special guest Cryptic One, he stated that he didn’t believe in inspiration anymore and instead practiced discipline. And although agree with him, we know there are many artists who still cling to inspiration to power their creative output. In this episode, we break down the issues with inspiration and why being disciplined is the better approach.  Hit the link to watch/listen to Episode 299 of the Super Duty Tough Work…

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    Episode 298: Reinventing Yourself with Cryptic One

    As one of the founding members of the legendary NYC underground hip-hop crew The Atoms Family, MC/Producer Cryptic One has been a part of a lot of classic material. From his guest appearance on Cannibal Ox’s “Cold Vein” to engineering Aesop Rock’s “Labor Days” he was primed to take a big leap as a solo artist.  But a series of bad breaks shut down his label and caused him to disappear for six years.  Cryptic…