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[Note: Please note that this is a preorder that will be released on 4/23/24.  Any order that contains a preorder will be held and shipped on 4/18/24.]


After releasing his 2018 album, Two-Headed Monster, things in Blueprint’s solo career were peaking.  Not only was Two-Headed Monster one of the most loved albums in his catalog, his sixty-city solo tour was the most successful headlining tour of his career.  With momentum on his side and excitement about the future, Blueprint immediately hit the studio to work on a follow-up that he hoped to release the following year.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out the way he had planned.  Just as he was planning the 2020 release and tour, the Covid pandemic took the world by storm.  In a matter of weeks, the entire world and the entertainment industry was shut down; not only ruining his immediate plan to release his next album, but ending his twenty year career as an independent hip-hop artist and sending his life into a downward spiral.

What followed was financial devastation, relationship turmoil, depression, and a lost sense of direction.  “In many aspects, I realized that I had fallen.  The things I wanted to be doing and where I wanted to be, I wasn’t there.  I was depressed and moving backwards,” Blueprint remembers about the circumstances that inspired the project.


That realization ultimately led Blueprint to do the one thing he does best—make music.  Music that not only captured his unique experience, but also captured the human experience in a way that anyone could relate to.  “I wanted to make a record that’s about how it feels when you’re down and you’re trying find to that inspiration to get up,” he recalls.  That music that ultimately became Falling Down.

Falling Down is about falling down seven times, but getting up eight.

It’s about pushing forward, even when you can’t see the path clearly.

It’s about being down, but not out.

Falling Down by Blueprint will be released Tuesday April 23rd, 2024

“I’m down but never out, until I see the curtain close.” – Blueprint


Track List:

01 Fix Your Own Plate
02 Falling Down
03 Bad Boy Bill
04 It’s Over
05 Tough Times Don’t Last
06 Fix Your Own Plate (Instrumental)
07 Falling Down (Instrumental)
08 Bad Boy Bill (Instrumental)
09 It’s Over (Instrumental)

Produced and mixed by Blueprint.  Mastered by Storm 9000.

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  • Bonus lyrics sheet
  • Purple vinyl
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[Note: Please note that this is a preorder that will be released on 4/23/24.  Any order that contains a preorder will be held and shipped on 4/18/24.]


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