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    Episode 304: The Health Is Wealth 90-Day Challenge

    After the first health is wealth challenge in 2021, Blueprint and Illogic both got into great shape. Unfortunately, both of them fell off in 2022 and gained most of that weight back. In this episode, they explain why they are fed up with being out of shape and start a brand new 90-Day Health is Wealth Challenge for themselves and invite their listeners to participate as well.  Hit the link to watch/listen to Super Duty…

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    296: The High Price of Getting Off Topic

    You would have to be living under a rock to have not heard about Kanye West’s controversial comments that led to the termination of several brand deals and have likely cost him tens of millions of dollars. As they say, loose lips sink ships. In this episode, Blueprint nd Illogic break down how this entire situation could have been avoided if Kanye would have followed a principle we speak about frequently, which is to stay…

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    Huge Book Sale This Week

    In celebration of Blueprint’s fifth book, The Social Media Cheat Code, turning a year old, we’ve decided to run a huge book sale on all of our books.  Here’s what we’re doing: Get The Social Media Cheat Code book for just $12.99 (normally $15.99) Get The 10 Traits of Successful Hip-Hop Artists for just $12.99 (normally $15.99) Get both “The 10 Traits…” book AND “The Social Media Cheat Code” book for just $25 (normally $32)…

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    Episode 288: Composition Tips For Producers

    Whether you play an instrument or chop up samples, there will be a time when you feel like your song ideas aren’t being produced to their fullest potential. The answer is to tighten up your composition skills. In this episode, Blueprint and Illogic break down ten song composition tips they’ve learned over their years producing hip-hop, so you don’t have to the same time they did.  Hit the link to watch/listen to Super Duty Tough…

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    25% Off Memorial Day Sale

    This weekend we’re having a huge Memorial Day Sale here on weightless.net.  From now until Tuesday, everything is 25% off.  From books, to apparel, to music–get it all on a discount while supplies last.  Head on over to our store and take advantage of the great savings by using the coupon code “25%OFF” at checkout. Thanks for your support, Blueprint

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    20% Off Spring Sale This Week

    We’re having a big Spring Sale this week on weightless.net.  From now until Sunday at midnight, all of our merchandise is 20% off.  From vinyl, to CDs, to books, to apparel–all of it’s on sale this week when you use the coupon code “SPRINGSALE” during checkout. Take advantage of this week’s sale HERE Thanks for your support, Weightless Recordings

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    25% OFF – End of Year SALE

    We’re having a big end of year sale on the weightless.net online store.  Between now and January 1st, 2022 everything on our website is 25% off.  From apparel, to books, to music and vinyl–you can get it all for 25%.  All you have to do is use the coupon code “endofyear” in your cart when you check out and the discount will be applied to your order. Happy New Year and thanks for your continued…

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    Huge Black Friday Sale This Weekend

    We’re having a huge Black Friday Sale this weekend on weightless.net.  From now until Sunday at midnight, all CDs are 50% off, all Apparel is 40% off, all Vinyl is 25% off, and all Books are 25% off!  If you’ve had your eyes on something on the store this year, now is the perfect time to snatch it up at a massive discount. Head on over to our store page to take advantage of this…

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    30% Off Sale on Vinyl This Weekend

    To celebrate the release of Blueprint’s new “Watch it Burn” 7-inch single, we’ve decided to have a big vinyl sale.  This weekend, all vinyl is 30% OFF.  From old to new, take advantage of this sale before it ends on Sunday at midnight!  No need for any coupon, the original prices crossed out and the updated Shop at https://bit.ly/3zFzK3F

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    Episode 265: Pursuing Art With a Full-Time Job

    One of the most sensitive topics for artists is working a full-time job. On one hand we all agree they are necessary to make money, but on the other hand they sap the time and energy you could be putting into your art. In this episode, we break down ten things that an artist must understand to maximize their time working a full time job if they ever want to make the transition to becoming…

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    Episode 264: People You Should Never Follow On Social Media

    Although we’ve spoken about social media many times on this podcast, we’ve never spoken about how who to follow and who to not follow on social media.  In this episode, we break down the ten types of people you should never follow on social media and why.  Let’s go!   Super Duty Tough Work · 264: Ten People You Should Never Follow On Social Media Support the podcast by picking up the copy of Blueprint’s…

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    Huge CD Sale This Weekend

    This weekend we’re having a huge sale on our CDs.  Between now and Sunday at Midnight you can get 40% off all of our CD titles.  From new titles to back catalog, all CDs are 40% this weekend, so don’t sleep!  No coupon needed as the marked down prices are shown on the store page. If you would like your copies signed, just add a note in the “special instructions” box at checkout.  Shop HERE…

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    Labor Day Vinyl Sale – Take 20% Off All Vinyl Releases

    This Labor Day weekend we’re having a big sale on all of our vinyl releases.  From today until Monday at midnight, all of our vinyl releases are available for 20% off.  Considering we’ve just repressed many of our most popular projects, this is great news for vinyl lovers.  LPs that were previously $25 are now just $20 this weekend.  Even the brand new “Watch it Burn” 7-inch is marked down to just $8 this weekend. …