Blueprint “What A Night: A Book About the Worst Shows of My Career” Book


Have you ever wondered what life is like for an artist on the road?

Ever wished you could take a look behind the scenes and learn what it’s really like to travel and play in different cities every night?

Well, now you can.

What A Night is the third book by MC, Producer, and author Blueprint. Part comedy, part tragedy, and part bizarre, What A Night takes the reader deep behind the scenes to tell previously unheard stories about the worst shows of Blueprint’s 12-year touring career.  Any artist could write volumes about the great shows they’ve had, but where’s the fun in that? In What a Night, Blueprint gives you fifteen stories about fifteen different cities where everything hit the fan.  Chapter & Cover Illustrations by Adam “ILLUS” Wallenta.

Option #1) Signed paperback = $10
Option #2) E-Book (PDF Format) = $5
Option #3) All Three of Blueprint’s books = $25

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