Greenhouse Effect “Life Sentences”


The first full-length from the 3-man Ohio crew Greenhouse Effect (Blueprint, Manifest, Inkwel). Over one-hour in length. Contains guest appearances from Vast Aire, Illogic, Cryptic One, Bahdaddy Shabazz, and Plead the Ph5th. Produced entirely by Blueprint.

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1. Intro
2. To Rhyme is Divine
3. We Create
4. The Proper Education
5. Live from Topcats (feat. DJ PRZM)
6. Life Sentences
7. Illogic
8. Feedback (featuring Illogic)
9. Fantasy Island
10. Plead the Ph5th
11. Artificial Intelligence (featuring Plead the Ph5th)
12. Artificial Intelligence Reprise
13. Lost Souls
14. Friction (featuring Vast Aire and Cryptic One of Atoms Family)
15. Red Badge of Courage
16. Bahdaddy Shabazz
17. Cracked Pavement
18. Dejuan
19. Catch Me If You Can
20. Outro

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