Blueprint “Deleted Scenes” Instrumentals


Instrumental version of Blueprint’s “Deleted Scenes” album.  Available originally as an exclusive promo item, we have a small number of these CDs left.  Don’t sleep.




Track List:

1. Starting out (instrumental)
2. Takin’ It (instrumental)
3. Get Right (instrumental)
4. The American Dream (instrumental)
5. True Love (instrumental)
6. Body Movin’ (instrumental)
7. Never Grow Old (instrumental)
8. Bells & Whistles (instrumental)
9. The Mask (instrumental)
10. Bartenders (instrumental)
11. Babies Go Guns (instrumental)
12. I Wanna Go (instrumental)
13. Senseless (instrumental)
14. Leave Me Alone (instrumental)
15. Packt Like (instrumental)

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