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As veterans of the early underground hip-hop scene, Blueprint and Aesop Rock have a friendship and history that goes back over 15 years. It all began in the year 2000 when Blueprint’s original crew (Greenhouse Effect and Illogic) invited Aesop Rock to perform at their album release party that was held in Columbus, OH.  Besides putting on a great show that weekend, a friendship was sparked that led Blueprint and his crew to make several trips to New York for collaborations with Aesop Rock and members of the Atoms Family.

Blueprint and Aesop Rock (2001)

From there, the classic collaborations started to fall into place: Blueprint appeared on the track “Alchemy” from Aesop Rock’s 2002 Daylight EP; Aesop Rock appeared on the track “Lo-Fi Funk” from Blueprint’s 2005 debut solo album 1988; Blueprint appeared on the track “BMX” from Aesop Rock’s 2012 album Skelethon; and in 2015 Blueprint and Aesop Rock were both featured on Atmosphere’s single “This Lonely Rose.”

Aesop Rock and Blueprint (2016)

Already well-known for his talent as a storyteller, Blueprint had brainstormed for years about writing an album that was a complete story.  The only problem was that he needed just the right producer to compliment the darkness and intensity of the tales he had in mind.  Enter Aesop Rock. After all the years of great collaborations, Blueprint and Aesop rock decided to extend their chemistry into a whole project and try to do something neither had done before: Blueprint on the rhymes and Aesop Rock on the beats. The result, is the Vigilante Genesis EP–a story that is as engaging and moving as any television mini-series or graphic novel, but with all the musical fluidity of a hip-hop album.

Vigilante Genesis will be released Friday May 27th, 2016 on Weightless Recordings. Both artists have put a lot of work into making this album possible and ask that you support by pre-ordering your copy below.  Please understand, in an era where music streaming is making it difficult for many artists to continue practicing their craft, the direct financial support from our true fans is what allows great independent music like this to continue being made.

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For a sneak peak into the project, check out the below interview with Blueprint on the Super Duty Tough Work podcast where he speaks in detail about the origin and inspiration of the Vigilante Genesis EP:

Super Duty Tough Work on iTunes | Soundcloud | Stitcher | Twitter

Track List:

1. Vigilante Genesis
2. Not Sure Why I Came Back
3. Graffiti Writer Killed
4. Tears of A Drone
5. Corner Store Showdown
6. The Watering Hole
7. Ten Paces
8. Vigilante Genesis (instrumental)
9. Not Sure Why I Came Back (instrumental)
10. Graffiti Writer Killed (instrumental)
11. Tears of A Drone (instrumental)
12. Corner Store Showdown (instrumental)
13. The Watering Hole (instrumental)
14. Ten Paces (instrumental)


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