Blueprint “Chamber Music”


Initially released in 2004, right before his debut album 1988),Chamber Music is Blueprint’s debut instrumental/downtempo album! Over 60-minutes of experimental hip-hop craziness that features guest appearances from Aesop Rock, Illogic, and WindnBreeze. If you are a fan of artists like Blockhead, DJ Spooky, RJD2, DJ Shadow, and Prince Paul then this album is for you.

Listen to sample track “Starch” below.




1. Enter
2. Mr Hyde
3. Mission Statement
4. Starch
5. My Melody
6. Small World, Big Plans – feat. Vast Aire
7. Behave Yourself
8. Hot Sex
9. Encounter – feat. Aesop Rock
10. Arms Too Short
11. Sacrifice – feat. Illogic
12. Full Moon
13. Pendulum Master – feat WindnBreeze
14. Exit

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