Blueprint “Chamber Music”


Initially released in 2004, right before his debut album 1988, Chamber Music is Blueprint’s debut instrumental album! Over 60-minutes of experimental hip-hop craziness that features guest appearances from Aesop Rock, Illogic, and WindnBreeze of Atoms Family.  If you are a fan of artists like Blockhead, DJ Spooky, RJD2, DJ Shadow, and Prince Paul then this album is for you.

Track List:

1. Enter
2. Mr Hyde
3. Mission Statement
4. Starch
5. My Melody
6. Small World, Big Plans – feat. Vast Aire
7. Behave Yourself
8. Hot Sex
9. Encounter – feat. Aesop Rock
10. Arms Too Short
11. Sacrifice – feat. Illogic
12. Full Moon
13. Pendulum Master – feat WindnBreeze
14. Exit

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