Printmatic “Vitamins & Minerals” EP


Previously only available on tour and from select websites, this is a 7-track EP from emcee/producer Blueprint of Soul Position/Greenhouse Effect fame. Guest appearances from Manifest, and The Orphanage (Slug, Eyedea, Aesop Rock, & Illogic). Produced by Blueprint.

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1.Vitamins & Minerals
2.  Time Management (revisited)
3. YoYo – feat. Manifest of Greenhouse Effect
4. One Step for Every Tear
5. Catch 20 – feat. Plead the Ph5th & CJ the Cynic
6. Holding Tank (revisited)
7. Hold Mine – feat. The Orphanage (Slug, Aesop Rock, Illogic, & Eyedea)

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