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Most artists have a love/hate relationship with social media.  They love how it brings them closer to their fans, but they hate having to deal with the negativity that often comes along with it.  They love how much time it saves them, but they hate how much time they have to spend learning how to use it properly.  Artists want an easier way to gain more fans and make more money online without compromising who they are.

Enter The Social Media Cheat Code.  In his fifth book, hip-hop artist and author Blueprint reveals thirteen tried and true techniques that are rarely spoken about but frequently utilized by every successful account on social media.

Where other books are so technical that they bore the reader with hard to understand concepts, Blueprint lays out these concepts so simply that they can immediately be put to work.  Instead of focusing on the minute details of every different social media platform, The Social Media Cheat Code gives the reader high-level techniques that work on every platform like:

  • What days and times are best to post
  • What elements make a post work or fail
  • How to get more engagement from your followers organically
  • How to use current events to your advantage
  • The importance of automation and repurposing your content
  • How to choose collaborators
  • How to make things easier for you followers to support you
  • And much much more…

The Social Media Cheat Code will change the way you use social media.

Note: This is the downloadable PDF version of the book, not the paperback version.

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