Blueprint interview on Del City Radio

The Underground Arsenal Show with Special Guest Blueprint by Delcityradio on Mixcloud

DEL CIY RADIO: “What do you like doing better, making beats or Rhyming?”

BLUEPRINT: I got a weird relationship with both man, because when I started rhyming, and I say this to people and they’re surprised, I never envisioned myself as a solo emcee, ever. I was always more comfortable in a group. I was always more comfortable as just a producer behind the scenes.  And that didn’t change until the first Soul Position records came out.  That’s when people where like, “dude you got it, keep doing it.” But prior to that–had RJ not heard me and said dude you got something let’s do some music together–i would have never got into rhyming the way I did as a solo artist and taken it as far as I did.  So my first love is always beats, because you don’t need nobody else to do it. You can sit at home and completely lose track of time, and half the time you make a beat you don’t even really care if somebody else hears it. You can bang it in your car or in your headphones for hours…

DEL CITY RADIO: You’ll be the only one who has it!

BLUEPRINT: Exactly! It’s not the same with rhyming. if you write a dope rhyme you want somebody to hear it immediately. So beats with me…I feel like I can do it by myself a little more, so I tend to enjoy it a little more by myself.

Check out the rest of the interview as well as their Best of Blueprint mix they put together for the show!

DelCity Radio Blueprint 2

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