Blueprint “Pain” Lyrics

“Pain” from Blueprint Who EP

I don’t let the drums dictate the way what I spit lay
or if the rhythm of it’s what makes it great
I listen to it, then when I hit play
my mind drift into a place 50 years away
I see what would’ve been if i let the pen lay
the Old Me got so many things to say
But nobody listens cause his beard is gray
So he tells me to get back here and seize the day
See, I don’t need peace and quiet
I really don’t like it, it really aint the way
Cool concept,
but hardly inspiring when peace is the only thing you see every day
Now I don’t think we need riots
or all types of violence for things to be ok
But in terms of environment, we need something to fight against
cause most great art can’t exist without pain
Cut off your own ear if it gets you to paint
Tell us that you do it for the people that hate
Can’t enjoy the sun unless you sit through the rain
Again, most great art can’t exist without pain
Mary J Blige
Billie Holiday
Charlie Parker
John Coltrane
Jimi Hendrix
Curt Cobain
Roger Troutman
Marvin Gaye
See, you aint got nothin to save
Cause everything about you is safe
You live in the prettiest place
Rivers and lakes, making serious cake
You talkin, but I aint hearin a thang
Sleepwalkin, you aint even really awake
Too often, this is how you spend all your days
If that’s really the case, then it’s really a waste
And maybe that’s why I can’t fuck with you
You’re too comfortable, you’re too Huxtable
Police don’t even fuck with you
You aint seen em leavin people bleeding right in front of you
All I see is white tees and popped collars
Pitbulls and Rottweilers
People who ain’t got options
Might as well keep the block poppin

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