Blueprint Announces “Vigilante Genesis” Collaboration with Aesop Rock


A project that had only been rumored about for years is finally set to be released on the Columbus, OH hip-hop label Weightless Recordings.

Although underground hip-hop icons Blueprint and Aesop Rock have been friends and frequent collaborators for over 15 years, their collaborations usually took the form of one vocally appearing on the other’s album (see “Alchemy” from Aesop Rock’s Daylight EP or “Lo-Fi Funk” from Blueprint album 1988).  This time around the two emerge with a brand new EP titled Vigilante Genesis where they flip the script with Blueprint handling the rhymes and Aesop handling the production.  The result, is a heavily conceptual album where Blueprint pens a story as vivid and intense as any television mini-series or graphic novel that it leaves the listener on the edge of his seat from beginning to end.


The Vigilante Genesis EP is out May 27th, 2016.  We’ve got some great promo items available for this project and are calling on all of our true fans to support this project by preordering your limited Purple Vinyl LP, CD, Deluxe Digital, or T-Shirt package HERE.


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