Blueprint Gives First Sneak Peak into Vigilante Genesis in Super Duty Tough Work Podcast

ince yesterday’s announcement, there has been a lot of questions about the origin of Blueprint’s new Vigilante Genesis project (produced by Aesop Rock) that’s due out May 27th on Weightless Recordings.  Some of these initial questions regarding the projects inspiration and origin were answered on this week’s episode of Blueprint and Illogic’s podcast Super Duty Tough Work.  In a change of format, Illogic starts out the episode by interviewing Blueprint about Vigilante Genesis.  Here’s one of the gems from the interview:

“This is the opposite of what people set out to do when they set out to write things that will be performed. This is like..the feeling that I got when I read The Watchmen is what I tried to create sonically.”Blueprint

The interview takes place in the first 20 minutes of the episode.  Listen below:

Preorder Vigilante Genesis here 

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