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Blueprint guest appearance on “Fuck Ya Whole Crew (Remix)” with Darrrio Lamont


This is a posse cut of epic proportions that just dropped the other day. It features a lot of Columbus talent, the “Fuck Ya Whole Crew” remix by Columbus MC Darrio Lamont.

Here’s the official lineup of MCs on it (in order of appearance): Nes Wordz, Trek, King Ezz, Sam Rothstein, Dominique Larue, C10, Blueprint, Bo. (Formely Catalyst), & Darrio Lamont.

And here are Blueprint’s lyrics, for those interested:

Back when a mixtape was actually a real tape,
We beat the odds cause we understood Beat breaks.
Ten for real fans, five for cheapskates,
Shows on weekends and beats on weekdays
These days things seem to change annually
Because salary is made from a cult of personality.
It ain’t what you make it’s who you are.
That understanding has turned mortal men into stars or…
Be the ball and chain that weighs ’em down
I guess working at the circus can make you a clown
Most celebrities lack integrity that’s a fact
obedient to whoever’s writing the check.
But lose sight of respect, and wonder why they ain’t next
Never acting in advancement of the art only sex.
So..Y’all complain more, I’ma plan more.
Fuck your whole crew and everything y’all stand for.

Pick up Blueprint’s latest project Vigilante Genesis if you haven’t yet.

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