Episode 182: The Best Headphone Albums

Episode 182 of Super Duty Tough Work podcast “The Best Headphone Albums” featuring Blueprint and Illogic is out now. Here’s a description of the episode:

As hip-hop fans, we were all raised to want to listen to our music in the environment that has the most bang–clubs, cars, and loud system. But once upon a time, hip-hop went through a brief phase where artists started making albums that would sounded completely different in the headphones than they did on loud systems. Back then, these albums were referred to as “headphone albums.” Although they disappeared for a while, headphone albums have been making a come back as of late. So in this episode, we break down our top ten headphone albums. If you haven’t heard any of these albums we advise you to get a good pair of headphones and listen to them as we break down what makes them so special. Let’s go!


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