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    The Valentines Day Vinyl Sale is Here

    As you have probably noticed, we’ve been reissuing some of our more popular titles on vinyl.  In December we reissued Blueprint’s Two-Headed Monster LP and in January we reissued his Respect the Architect LP.  This is just the beginning of what we’ve got in store this year.  This weekend, we’re having a sale on all of our vinyl releases. 

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    Get Two Blueprint Vinyl LPs For Just $30

    For a limited time, we’re running a sale on two of Blueprint’s most popular albums, King No Crown and Vigilante Genesis (produced by Aesop Rock).  Both of these LPs would normally cost $45 total, but this week you can get both on vinyl for just $30 total. There are also options to have free stickers and a signature added to your copies. Order your copies HERE Thanks for your support, Weightless Recordings

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    The Last Copy of Chamber Music Vinyl in Existence

    I was going through some old boxes in my basement and stumbled upon a piece of vinyl that I haven’t seen in a long time, my 2004 Chamber Music instrumental album.  Chamber Music is one of the most bugged out albums I’ve ever done, but one that I think still holds up to this day. 

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    Episode 213: Lessons From Wack Records

    Episode 213 of Super Duty Tough Work is “LESSONS FROM WACK RECORDS” and is out now.  Episode description: “Listeners of this podcast know that we are both into making beats and digging for records. But what most don’t know is how many wack records you have to buy before you really learn how to find good records consistently. As a result, we’ve got more wack records in our collection than we would ever care to…

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    Blueprint’s “Respect the Architect” Vinyl is Almost Here

    Weightless Recordings has just received the vinyl test pressings for Blueprint’s upcoming release Respect the Architect, out April 22nd. This is very exciting news! We decided to keep it local and get the vinyl pressed at the legendary Musicol Record Pressing plant.  For those unaware, Musicol has been a staple in the Columbus music scene by providing a multitude of music related services for local/national recording artists for the past 40 years.  Weightless is glad to…