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    Episode 185: What Nobody Tells You About Leadership

    We live in a society where those who are leaders–whether that be in business, entertainment, or in politics—are put on a pedestal.  In many instances, we think that their position as a leader is without consequences, which causes us to romanticize it.  In other instances, we see those in leadership positions fail publicly and believe it isn’t worth the risk. In this episode, we break down the risks and rewards of being a leader that…

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    The Importance of Ownership

    Blueprint is joined on his Super Duty Tough Work podcast this week by Supastition to talk about The Importance of Ownership: Although the discussion of art in the media tends to center around the quality of the art itself, very rarely is the topic of ownership brought up. Well, this week the most infamous podcast on planet earth dives deep into the importance of ownership, especially as it relates to creative people. We give you…

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    How to Approach People You Want to Work With

    Here is the latest episode of Blueprint and Illogic’s podcast, Super Duty Tough Work: Whether it’s somebody with a household name or a local celebrity, we all come across people we want to meet and work with. The problem, is how do we approach them without making a fool out of ourselves? In this episode of the most infamous podcast on planet earth we dive deep and give you some rock solid rules for approaching…