Episode 183: Lifestyle Marketing with Bukue One

Special guest Bukue One joins Blueprint on this week’s episode of the Super Duty Tough Work podcast.  Here’s the description of Episode 183 “Lifestyle Marketing with Bukue One”:

Although he was first heard touring with west coast legends like Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, and the Hieroglyphics crew, Bukue One’s name reached another level when he became the manager of Del the Funky Homosapien. Through his unique experience as a graffiti writer, skateboarder, and marketer, he was able to help further solidify Del’s impact on the culture by forming partnerships with brands in a way that hadn’t been seen before in independent hip-hop. In this episode, Blueprint is joined by Bukue One for an in depth conversation about his history in hip-hop, selling water filters, merch for Hiero, managing Del, and ultimately forming his unique business that connects brands and artists with similar interests. Let’s go!



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