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    Episode 185: What Nobody Tells You About Leadership

    We live in a society where those who are leaders–whether that be in business, entertainment, or in politics—are put on a pedestal.  In many instances, we think that their position as a leader is without consequences, which causes us to romanticize it.  In other instances, we see those in leadership positions fail publicly and believe it isn’t worth the risk. In this episode, we break down the risks and rewards of being a leader that…

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    Episode 184: The 30 Days of Discipline Challenge

    Episode 184 of Super Duty Tough Work “The 30 Days of Discipline Challenge” is out now.  Here’s a description of the episode: “We have officially entered crunch time as artists, a time when everything has to be finished in order to get our albums out on time next year. With so much to be finished before the end of the year, we both decided to change our routines for the next 30 days and add…

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    Blueprint “Guest Features Volume 1” Spotify Playlist

    If you’re a Spotify listener, today’s a good day.  We just published a brand new playlist titled Guest Features Volume 1 by Blueprint that you need in your life.   It contains a wide range of his best collaborations, from old to new, and even includes a lot of lesser known but dope collaborations that you might not have heard before. Listen here http://bit.ly/bpspot01 and follow Blueprint on Spotify if you don’t already. Thanks for your…

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    Learning is Good, But Doing is Better

    A friend and fellow videographer Danny Rogers once said to me that “doing is learning.”  At the time, we were speaking about filmmaking and how often times trying to do something will help you learn it faster than studying or reading about it. This was a concept that I had known about forever, and even practiced all the time, but I had never heard put into words so simply.  Doing is learning.  And I don’t…

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    Episode 182: The Best Headphone Albums

    Episode 182 of Super Duty Tough Work podcast “The Best Headphone Albums” featuring Blueprint and Illogic is out now. Here’s a description of the episode: As hip-hop fans, we were all raised to want to listen to our music in the environment that has the most bang–clubs, cars, and loud system. But once upon a time, hip-hop went through a brief phase where artists started making albums that would sounded completely different in the headphones…

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    Episode 181: Building A Career Overseas featuring DJ Criminal

    Episode 181 of Super Duty Tough Work podcast “Building a Career Overseas” featuring Blueprint and special guest DJ Criminal is out now.  Here’s a description of the episode: “One of the biggest benefits of building an artistic career is the ability to travel the world and experience different cities and cultures. It’s a dream that works out for some, but not for others. In this episode, Blueprint interviews Pittsburg native DJ Criminal about how his…

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    Episode 180: Finding New Mountains to Climb

    Episode 180 of Super Duty Tough Work Podcast “Finding New Mountains to Climb” featuring Blueprint and Illogic is out now.  Here’s the episode description: There comes a point in everybody’s career where you feel like you’ve hit a wall. Not because of the lack of achievement, but because you’ve actually achieved what you set out to do. We all know what it’s like to celebrate after achieving our goal, but what comes after the celebration? For…

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    Two-Headed Monster Vinyl Officially Sold out

    We would like to thank all of our true supporters for copping the Two-Headed Monster LPs and helping it sell out in record time.  We are not sure when or if we will reprint it, but we want to thank you for your continued support. This thing doesn’t survive without the financial support of the fans, so it means a lot! You can still order the Two-Headed Monster album on CD as well as pick…

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    Blueprint announces the Two-Headed Monster tour

      After taking almost three full years away from the epic, sixty-city tours that came to define his independent career, Blueprint returns to announce forty brand new tour dates.  In conjunction with the upcoming release of his brand new album, the Two-Headed Monster tour will begin May 25th and run through August, visiting both smaller and larger markets in the United States and Canada. Columbus, Ohio native DJ Detox will accompany Blueprint on these tour dates as…

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    Blueprint “Two-Headed Monster” Music Video Debut

    Now that it’s been revealed that Blueprint’s upcoming album Two-Headed Monster will be released on May 22nd, 2018 on Weightless Recordings, we are proud to share the first single and music video from the album.  Here is the official music video for the song “Two-Headed Monster,” which is directed by Visual House Media and the title track from the album: Link: https://youtu.be/4KfhXfcCe_4 Two-Headed Monster is out May 22nd. Support the movement and preorder your signed copy HERE